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Letter from Julian Steward to A.L. Kroeber

Julian Steward

Letter to A. L. Kroeber

26 July 1928


Alfred Louis Kroeber

Letter to J. Steward

31 July 1928

"…as I work, I get more the feeling that the interest of the people lay in their close relationships to nature rather than social activities."

The seeds of ideas that became very influential in anthropological method and theory were born during graduate student research in the Department. This exchange of letters foreshadows Steward’s important contributions to cultural ecology. Responding to Steward’s observation, Kroeber writes:

“I like very much your idea of throwing special emphasis on the relations to the land. In a subsistence area like the one you are in it is bound to be a fundamental aspect of life.”

Letter from A.L Kroeber to J. Steward

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