The Mark Twain Papers & Project - Exhibit - Mark Twain Takes on Art
Mark Twain Takes on Art

Selections from an exhibition of Spring 2001
from The Mark Twain Papers of The Bancroft Library
University of California, Berkeley
Curated by Lin Salamo
with the assistance of Michael B. Frank and Anh Bui

Throughout his career Mark Twain expressed his strong reactions to Western painting and sculpture,Mark Twain at the easel particularly the Old Masters, both in his published works and in private. His opinions are often passionate, sometimes eccentric, and always lively. Occasionally he took a more "hands on" approach to art and included his own sketches in his literary works and in private letters. This exhibit presents some samples of his abilities in the areas of art criticism and art practice, drawing from the incomparable Mark Twain Papers archive of The Bancroft Library and the publications of the Mark Twain Project.

| "The Most Wonderfully Beautiful Painting"| A "Mournful Wreck" |
| The Amateur Engraver | "Cat Having a Fit" | The Art Student |
| The House Beautiful: Mark Twain and "Emmeline" |
| The "Untrained" Eye Sees a "Smoked Haddock" | "An Impressionist Picture" |

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