Bioscience at Berkeley, Biotechnology in the Bay Area: Selections from an Exhibit in the Bancroft Library

These selections were taken from an exhibit developed for the Biotechnology at 25: Perspectives on History, Science, and Society symposium held at the University of California, Berkeley on March 12 and 13, 1999. The exhibit featured more than 100 items selected from the archives and oral history collections of The Bancroft Library, or lent especially for the exhibit.


    The Cartoon Guide to Genetics: A Soft Approach to Hard Science

    Four University of California Bioscientists:

        Karl F. Meyer: Plague & Botulism

        Melvin Calvin: Photosynthesis

        Wendell M. Stanley: Crystallization of Viruses

        Gunther S. Stent: Molecular Biology at Berkeley

    Biotechnology at 25: The Founders

    Berkeley's Bioentrepreneurs: Robert T. Tjian (1949- ) & Tularik, Inc.

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