Hall of Distinguished Berkeleyans Cal Nobel Prize Winners

The University of California, Berkeley, can boast of having 20 Nobel Laureates in its distinguished history of research and discovery. Beginning with Ernest O. Lawrence in 1939, these professors represent a wide range of scholarly pursuits: from physics to economics, from molecular and cell biology to slavic languages and literature. Cal has had more Nobel Laureates than any other American university except Harvard and the University of Chicago.
Award Year Recipients
1939 Ernest O. Lawrence (Physics) (d. 1958)
1946 Wendell M. Stanley (Chemistry) (d. 1971)
1945 John H. Northrop (Chemistry) (d. 1987)
1949 William F. Giauque (Chemistry) (d. 1982)
1951 Edwin M. McMillan, Chemistry (Chemistry)
Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Director Emeritus, Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratory (d. 1991)
1951 Glenn T. Seaborg (Chemistry)
University Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Associate Director, Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratory (d. 1999)
1959 Owen Chamberlain (Physics)
Professor of Physics
1959 Emilio G. Segre (Physics)
Professor of Physics, Emeritus (d. 1989)
1960 Donald A. Glaser (Physics)
Professor of Molecular Biology and of Physics
1961 Melvin Calvin (Chemistry)
University Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Director Emeritus, Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics
1964 Charles H. Townes (Physics)
University Professor of Physics, Emeritus
1968 Luis Alvarez (Physics)
Professor of Physics, Emeritus (d. 1988)
1980 Czeslaw Milosz (Literature)
Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature, Emeritus
1983 Gerard Debreu (Economics)
Professor of Economics and of Mathematics
1986 Yuan T. Lee (Chemistry)
Professor of Chemistry
Principal Investigator, Materials and Molecular Research
Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
1994 John C. Harsanyi (Economics)
Professor of Economics (d. 2000)
1997 Steven Chu (Physics)
Professor of Physics
2000 Daniel L. McFadden (Economics)
Professor of Economics
2001 George A. Akerlof (Economics)
Professor of Economics
2006 George F. Smoot (Physics)
Professor of Physics

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