Chang-Lin Tien

Chancellor, 1990-1997

Chang-Lin Tien was born in Wuhan, China, and received his B.S. degree from National Taiwan University in 1955. He earned an MME degree at the University of Louisville in 1957, and MA and PhD degrees at Princeton in 1957 and 1959. He joined the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley in 1959, and he served as the chair of the department from 1974 to 1981. He was appointed the seventh Chancellor of the Berkeley campus in 1990. Apart from service as Executive Vice Chancellor at Irvine from 1988 to 1990, his entire career has been spent at Berkeley.

One thing that will always be remembered about Chang-Lin Tien is his personality: he is famous for greeting students, staff and faculty alike as he walks through the campus, and he is equally well known for being a sports enthusiast of the first order, an d for his infectious "Go Bears!"

Continuing necessity for fund-raising has been met with outstanding success: extramural research support increased by 35% even in the face of declining federal support, and the level of private gifts to a public university has soared to new records enabling research and academic excellence to remain consistently high. Under Chang-Lin Tien's leadership, the campus has built a number of important facilities, including the Haas School of Business, the new Main Stack of Doe Library, Soda Hall for computer sciences, and the University Health Service's Tang Center.

Tien has been a champion of preserving the excellence of the Berkeley campus in other ways also. He spoke out against the effects of the University's early retirement programs on the makeup of the faculty, and more recently he became the spokesman for retaining affirmative action as a proper means of assuring higher education to all those who deserve it.

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