Roger W. Heyns

Chancellor, 1965-1971

"He came like a gift of heaven to leadership of the Berkeley campus. He was an ambassador of good will when so many others were expressing ill will." So stated President Emeritus Clark Kerr in 1995 when news came of the death of Roger Heyns in Volos, Greece on September 11th.

With an A.B. (1940) from Calvin College and both M.A. (1942) and Ph.D. in psychology (1949) from the University of Michigan, Roger Heyns joined the University of Michigan faculty in 1947, received the Outstanding Teaching Award in 1952, and the Faculty Distinguished Service Award in 1958. When he was called to the Berkeley Chancellorship in 1965 he was serving as Vice President of the University of Michigan.

In an oral history interview which he completed in 1986, Heyns recalled of his coming to Berkeley: "I think I came because of the opportunities that Berkeley provided. I also recognized that the problems they were facing were real." During his eight years at the helm, he began the special minority admissions program and saw to successful conclusion major building projects that had been planned before his incumbency: the Lawrence Hall of Science, honoring the Berkeley career of Ernest Orlando Lawrence, and the University Art Museum, made possible in part by the gift of many of his paintings by Hans Hofmann, a German emigrée who had been welcomed to the Berkeley campus in 1933.

Roger Heyns and his wife Esther moved into the long-vacant University House, and became the first Chancellor to live on the campus. His associate Earl Cheit noted that "Roger thought he ought to be in the center of things." His outreach extended not on ly to the students but to the people of the state of California; he spoke to groups up and down the state and established the Robert Gordon Sproul Associates to recognize major donors to the campus. Both Moffitt Undergraduate Library and the Space Sciences Laboratory opened during his tenure.

Upon leaving the University in 1971 he became president of the American Council on Education, and from 1977 to 1993 directed the Hewlett-Packard Foundation in Palo Alto.

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