Bruce Zimmerman. Full-Bodied Red (1993) 310 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Quinn Parker, San Francisco phobia therapist and amateur sleuth, discovers that one of his patients, Phillip Chesterton, the young, agoraphobic heir to a Napa Valley wine business, is missing. In a violent confrontation, Phillip’s millionaire stepfather, Frank Matson, a rough diamond with a mysterious past, blames Quinn for Phillip’s disappearance. That’s the prelude to a series of gruesome murders, with Quinn the prime suspect in the eyes of the tough—and crooked—sheriff. Quinn is forced to dodge attempts on his life at the same time as he tries to solve several puzzles, including Phillip’s whereabouts, the cause of Phillip’s real father’s death, and what Frank Matson was doing in Southeast Asia twenty years earlier. And it all comes to a breathtaking and violent climax in the rugged desert of Mexico’s Baja California.”
Setting: Napa Valley; Baja California