Laurence Yep. The Case of the Firecrackers (1999) 179 pp. (Chinatown Mystery #3)
Twelve-year-old Lily Lew and Auntie Tiger Lil, her movie actress great-aunt who moonlights as a public relations specialist, an entertainment agent, and a detective, are invited to the set of a popular television show filming on location in Chinatown to meet with the star, teen-heartthrob Clark Tom. When a prop gun fired at Clark during the filming turns out to have real bullets, Lily and Tiger Lil get swept into the case. In order to find out who loaded the gun, they follow a trail of firecrackers, gangs, bad food, and gambling to the dangerous Tenderloin District (where they are held hostage), to a Chinatown social club, and finally to a Chinese laundry, where they have to prevent a second murder attempt. Juvenile.