Laurence Yep. The Case of the Lion Dance (1998) 214 pp. (Chinatown Mystery #2)
As part of the festivities for the opening of her friends’ new restaurant, Auntie Tiger Lil has invited students from two local martial-arts schools to compete in a Lion Dance contest. Kong, one of the competitors, is an angry, native-born Chinese teen who has no patience for Lily, Tiger Lil’s niece, who was born in the U.S. and speaks Chinese only haltingly. He has even less respect for Barry Fisher, the other contestant and the son of the restaurant owners. When an explosion injures Barry and $2000 is stolen, Lily and her aunt join forces with Kong—who also is the prime suspect—in searching for the thief throughout San Francisco’s Chinatown. They also learn a little bit more about each other and racial and ethnic tolerance. Juvenile.