Mary Wings. She Came in Drag (1999) 337 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “Halloween is creeping up on San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, setting the stage perfectly for mischief, mayhem—and murder. Plied by a large donation to the Women’s Cancer Information Center, Dr. Rita Huelga has outed her now-famous high school sweetheart—rock diva Audra Léon—on a national trash TV talk show. Once Rita starts getting death threats, it’s P.I. Emma Victor on bodyguard duty. But as Emma gets to know the headstrong research scientist better, she is convinced that there must have been more to Rita’s motives than meets the eye. And when a third party is murdered, Emma finds herself unraveling a plot that started years before. As factions—from the Lesbian Revengers to an army of Audra Léon drag queen look-alikes—gather to mark All Hallow’s Eve, Emma has an agenda of her own—preparing for a trick that promises no treat …”
Setting: San Francisco (Castro)