Stan Washburn. Intent to Harm (1994) 343 pp.
At age 31, Toby Parkman changed careers and became a police officer. After starting out in the Patrol division, he gets a temporary reassignment to Sex Crimes, where he is tasked with working on the investigation of a series of brutal, violent rapes. This novel is set in an unnamed city. Is it Berkeley? Here is the evidence: The city is liberal-minded and has a university nestled at the base of the hills and a marina on a bay. The book is dedicated to two Berkeley police inspectors and the author is a former Berkeley Police Reserve Officer. Thatís it. The name “California” is only mentioned once—in reference to a bottle of wine. Otherwise, the author goes to great pains to keep the location nondescript. Other possibly identifying details, such as the names of stores, schools, streets, hospitals, and newspapers, are fictitious.
Setting: Berkeley?