William E. Wallace. I Wait to Die! (2013) 82 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “A femme fatale named Janice cooked up Redi-Money, the multi-million dollar robbery of a lightly guarded check-cashing outfit that catered to down-and-outers. On the surface, it sounded like the heist of a lifetime. But then dead bodies began piling up and the only question that remained was: whose lifetime were we talking about? Sometimes the stakes are so high that a crime seems too good to be true. That’s the way Redi-Money seemed to Frank when he returned to Oakland from Colorado. Complicating things were the fact that the heist was the brainchild of his best friend’s ‘fiance,’ a femme fatale who oozed sex from every pore and seemed to be dead set on pitting Frank’s crew members against each other. Add a crooked cop to the mix and a payroll from the robbery that was too good to be true and you have the ingredients for disaster.”
Setting: Oakland