Marilyn Wallace. A Single Stone (1991) 292 pp.
Three years ago, when a doll with an X slashed across its torso was found near the body of seven-year-old Amy Orett in a lonely Oakland park, local police had only one suspect. The rising young assistant district attorney shockingly agreed that the young girl’s mother was responsible for the brutal crime. Tried for murder, Linda Orett found herself free on a twist of justice and she and her husband Matt fled to a small coastal town in the hope of rebuilding their shattered lives. Now, wounds that had begun to heal—and the case of Amy’s murder—are reopened when another child’s body is found in Oakland, a mutilated doll smiling up in horrid remembrance. For Linda Orett, the days and nights that follow test her limits as she careens deeper into a nightmare where revelations, threats, and events from her own past demonstrate that she may not be able to trust anyone—not even herself.
Setting: Oakland
Hubin; Raphael