Marilyn Wallace. A Case of Loyalties (1986) 199 pp.
Oakland homicide detectives Sgt. Jay Goldstein and Sgt. Carlos Cruz investigate the shooting death of Clifford Hawkins, a young man with a violent past. The prime suspect is seventeen-year-old Tricia Rayborn, a neighbor of Hawkins who got high at a party and stole a car—the car that eyewitnesses identified as the vehicle from which the murderer fired the fatal shots. As Tricia’s mother, Carrie, fiercely defends her daughter, Cruz and Goldstein dig into Hawkins’s life, trying to figure out why Tricia (or someone else) might have wanted to kill him. They discover that he was a child abuser and a mugger with ties to a mysterious group called Oneida West—a terrorist cult with designs on a violent takeover of the entire Bay Area. The investigation leads from Oakland to Berkeley to a dramatic climax on Angel Island.