Ronald Tierney. Death in North Beach (2010) 214 pp.
Publisher’s description: “An upscale gigolo believes the only way he won’t be the prime suspect in the murder of a famous novelist is for the real murderer to be found. At least that’s what this handsome and secretive fellow tells San Francisco private investigator Carly Paladino. She takes the case. Did she believe him or fall under his spell? Her new client also provides a handy list of ‘suspects’ he says he received from the victim himself. Carly and her streetwise and skeptical partner, Noah Lang, stir up serious trouble when they try to find the victim’s as yet unpublished tell-all manuscript. Much like North Beach itself, the suspects are trying to preserve the image they want the world to see. And it seems one death is not enough to conceal some inconvenient truths.”
Setting: San Francisco (North Beach)