Jake Thoene. Shaiton’s Fire (2002) 355 pp. [tpo]
When a radical group of terrorists called Shaiton’s Fire blows up a BART train in San Francisco, the FBI’s new domestic counterterrorism unit, Chapter 16, investigates. As the terrorists, a cell of Islamic fundamentalists, plot to attack a California nuclear power plant, Special Agent Steve Alstead struggles to balance the demands of his job with his family life. His home and his work collide when his son is kidnapped by the terrorists. Although the novel was written before the September 11 attacks, it was updated before publication to include references to them. Unfortunately, Thoene, who is being marketed by his publisher as the “Christian Tom Clancy,” did not quite do enough research to get the details of BART’s fare system right. Tokens? Purchased from a ticket agent?
Setting: San Francisco