David Skibbins. High Priestess (2006)
Almost four decades ago, radical Warren Ritter escaped the Greenwich Village explosion that killed many of his colleagues in the Weather Underground. He then literally went underground and made a fortune in the seventies with Microsoft stock. Now, for fun, Ritter reads tarot cards from an outdoor table in Berkeley. Edward Hightower, founder of the Fellowship of the Arising Night satanic worshippers, tries to hire Warren to uncover who is killing his followers. Ritter turns him down so Hightower reveals that he knows the fortune tellerís Manhattan pastóhe is the twin brother to Ritterís former Weather Underground girlfriend, Veronique. Unable to refuse and not wanting to go into hiding, which is a young manís game, plus the prospect of meeting the daughter he never knew he conceived prove too much. Ritter, enlisting help from his girlfriend, wheelchair-bound Sally McLaughlin, and his friend, Police Officer James McNally, investigates even as he turns to the tarot cards to guide him. But his inquiries soon make him a person of interest to the police.