Shelley Singer. Royal Flush: A Jake Samson and Rosie Vicente Mystery (1999) 237 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “Laid-back private eye Jake Samson is now living in mellow Marin County, and hes working for a new boss, former assistant Rosie Vicente. This time, they’re going undercover, infiltrating an ultra-right-wing group to help a young warrior named Royal who wants out. The problem is, the last time someone tried to leave the gang, he ended up dead. The disguised investigators risk their lives as they follow a beer-hall trail of convoluted connections, bizarre secrets, and outright lunacy. Then someone else dies, and the violent, raving group suspects Royal and our two detectives of treachery. Jake and Rosie must move fast to keep one step ahead of the terminal incompetence of the leaders and their troops, who seem more bent on offing each other than on world domination.”
Setting: Marin County, Oakland