Robert M. Silverman. The Cumberland Decision (1977) 189 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “When Johnny Otto had survived long enough to retire from the San Francisco police force he had thought he had had more than his share of luck and it was about time to stop testing fate. And in his second career as a successful mystery story writer he seemed to have it made when he was called back to solve one last crime—to break an international narcotics ring. Despite the fact that he had some inside information he knew that tempting fate was a dangerous and sometimes fatal endeavor...and he was almost right. In on a job he really didn’t want, Johnny dared his life against the syndicate’s hit men in what was in no way to be a routine assignment, taking him from the west coast of the States to Europe, trying to break a narcotics connection that seemed as unbreakable as the Gordion knot and as formidable as anything he had ever come up against...and he would need more than luck to see him through.”
Setting: San Francisco