John Shirley. City Come A-Walkin’ (1980) 204 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “San Francisco, city of the future, pulsing heart of urbanized madness, where Stu Cole danced to the jerk of angst-rock and the beat of modern decadence...until he fell for the beautiful, hard-bitten psi-rocker Catz Wailen...until City came for him. City: Stone, steel, sewers, and electricity jolted into living, breathing self-awareness. City: The embodiment of megalopolis tortured and twisted by violence, paranoia, and drugs. Caught in a web of blood and death, could Cole trust this artificial intelligence? Or were he and Catz slaves to a being bent on self-destruction? Stu Cole doubted he would live long enough to find out.”
Setting: San Francisco (Future)