Michele Scott. Silenced by Syrah (2007) 241 pp. [pbo]
The third Wine Lover’s Mystery. Malveaux Estates in the Napa Valley has decided to add a boutique hotel and spa, which is making vineyard manager Nikki Sands busier then ever, especially when the hotel restaurant’s chef Georges Debussey goes missing just before the grand opening. When he is found murdered in one of the spa treatment rooms, Nikki wonders who could possibly have wanted the star chef dead. When the detective on the case warns Nikki to keep her noise out of police business, she takes it as a challenge. Besides, it keeps her mind off of her boyfriend Andrés’ offer to go to Spain and her continuing crush on her boss, Derek Malveaux. Nikki finds evidence of embezzlement, arson, and infidelity, but will it lead to another murder—hers? (Includes recipes and wine pairings.)
Setting: Napa Valley; San Francisco