Michele Scott. Murder Uncorked (2005) 219 pp. [pbo]
The first of the Wine Lover’s Mystery series. Nikki Sands is an actress with a few unsuccessful pilots and one short-lived series under her belt, working as a waitress in a fancy restaurant in LA. Nikki discovered early that suggesting the best food and wine pairings bring the biggest tips. When customer Derek Malveaux offers her a chance to manage his family’s vineyard in the Napa Valley, Nikki decides to give up on acting, at least for a while. In less than 24 hours after her arrival the vineyard’s winemaker Gabriel Asanti is found dead outside of her guest cottage. Nikki decides to put to use her experience playing a cop on TV to solve the murder. Only playing detective in real life is not so easy. (Includes recipes and wine pairings.)
Setting: Napa Valley