Michele Scott. Murder by the Glass (2006) 246 pp. [pbo]
Number two in the Wine Lover’s Mystery series. Nikki Sands, Vineyard Manager at Malveaux Estates in the Napa Valley, attends a wedding on the arm of her boss Derek Malveaux. But, instead of enjoying her friend Isabel’s fabulous catering with some excellent Sonoma wines, Nikki finds the bride dead, just minutes following the ceremony. Isabel is quickly arrested for the murder, as she had been dating the groom, Kristof Waltman, only weeks before the wedding. No angel herself, the bride Susan Jennings had made many enemies. With the help of Derek’s brother Simon and his partner Marco, Nikki sets out to clear her friend. (Includes recipes and wine pairings.)
Setting: Napa Valley; Sonoma Valley; San Francisco