Meryl Sawyer. Trust No One (2000) 416 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “A Navy Seal, Brody Hawke is alone in the world, never feeling the need to put down roots—or shrink from danger. Then he receives a letter from a man who insists he is Brody’s father. Instantly, the news changes everything he has ever believed about his past—or imagined about his future—especially when he meets artist Tori Anderson. The widow of a daredevil stunt man, Tori Anderson has learned too well the price of living on the edge. Even though she is engaged to wealthy [Napa Valley] vintner Elliott Hawke, she is swept away by a dangerous, forbidden passion when she comes face to face with his twin brother.... Drawn together by fate and circumstance, Tori and Brody set out to solve his father’s mysterious death. While fighting their growing attraction, they uncover a tangle of betrayals and lies hidden by Brody’s newly discovered family. Is falling in love their biggest danger? Or the ominous threat shadowing their every move....”
Setting: Napa Valley