Paul Ruditis. The Brewing Storm (2004) 234 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “Earth, air, fire, water--A child must bring them all together. Calm the shaking, quell the slaughter Tonight’s the night--it’s now or never. Despite wacky weather threatening the San Francisco area, life for the Charmed Ones is as normal as ever. Normal, that is, until eleven-year-old Tyler Michaels shows up at their door. Tyler, a Firestarter, is on the run from demons. Though the Halliwell sisters have dealt with Tyler before, a glance at the Book of Shadows turns up new, unexpected information about the boy ... and the forces for which his magic can be harnessed. Once a century the planets align in such a way that the tides shift and the climate changes, causing unpredictable weather and earthquakes. With the world out of balance the Fire-starter is charged with gathering the other Elementals on the Night of Aeolus to perform a sacred ritual. Without this ritual the weather will eventually tear the world apart. But the demons chasing Tyler want to divert the Elemental power and channel it for a dark evil. The Charmed Ones must prevent this from happening at all costs--but the Night of Aeolus is already upon them.” Based on the WB Network television series, Charmed, created by Constance M. Burge.
Setting: San Francisco