Fred Routt, The juggler and the princess. (2001) 207 pp.
Publisher’s description: “All Max really wants to do is practice his juggling, drink iced tea with his friends, and get over the death of his wife in a car wreck. He has no intention whatsoever of going back to being a detective. But a sharp-tongued policeman from his past, a seductive woman who resembles an ancient Near Eastern princess, and a fire-happy thug have other ideas. Max has to come to terms with his darkest dreams and the possibility of new love as he explores familiar haunts in and around San Francisco. With the help of an eccentric friend who would be at home in Alice’s Wonderland, a reclusive bibliophile neighbor, and a gun-savvy, Bible-quoting waitress, he pulls off a real-life feat of illusion that save his own life.”