Jane T. Robe. The Panther Resurrection (2012) 172 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Prominent San Francisco attorney Oliver Kendall has been shot! Stunned by her mentor’s shooting, Rachel Ballentine and her team of legal titans suspect it’s connected to the ‘dead lawyer’ case they all worked on. Over the next few nights, Rachel dreams of Oliver telling her to ‘remember the key.’ Following her intuition, she discovers that an ordinary house key linked to their previous case in fact conceals an encrypted microchip. The unscrambled contents propel her group into further danger, and Rachel must rely on guidance from her Angels—guardian spirits she clairvoyantly perceives—as she hunts the sinister foe behind Oliver’s shooting. And with the help of her fiancÚ, private investigator Ed Brogan, her search uncovers a conspiracy implicating the US Treasury of wrongdoing at the same time an even more shocking secret is revealed. With Ed at her side, Rachel and her team fight using cunning legal machinations and the media to outsmart their opponent and keep them all safe. But their powerful enemy will stop at nothing to recover what they possess. The battle lines will be drawn—the ending lethal.”
Setting: San Francisco