Gregory C. Randall. Land Swap for Death (2010) 249 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “Sharon O’Mara, ex-Army cop, over thirty (but who is counting), tough as nails, smooth in all the right places, and now working as an investigator for an insurance company that is sucking the life out of her soul, has to face the fact that she is not cut out to okay death benefits—not when a man is murdered. Rain, miserable San Francisco Bay Area traffic, a dapper yet shady developer and an oversexed environmentalist all point the wrong way to the reasons a man had to die in a BART parking lot.”
The Sharon O’Mara Chronicles develop the ongoing legend of Sharon O’Mara as she returns to civilian life after serving as a lieutenant in the Army Military Police who spent two tours in Iraq. The books show her as she finds a new career, first as an investigator for an insurance company and then—after she was fired for bringing a man to justice—as a private investigator and “facilitator” for those with a difficult problem to resolve. Like her hero Travis McGee, she not only helps her friends but their friends as well. She has a big heart, red hair, a lovable dog named Basil, and a Beretta. She is in her mid-thirties, athletic, fights her addiction to cigarettes (very difficult), and gets the bad guys (and bad girls) every time. She has the scars to prove it. Her best friend and confidant is Kevin Bryan, a detective with the Lafayette, California police department. They are very close, but not that close.
Setting: Lafayette; San Francisco Bay Area