Ellery Queen. A Room To Die In (1965) 172 pp. [pbo]
Ann Nelson, a disaffected elementary school teacher in San Francisco’s Sunset District, is not especially perturbed when she is notified that her father—from whom she has been estranged for some time—has died, but she is convinced that his violent death is not suicide, but should be deemed murder even though it has taken place in a securely locked room. While investigating the substantial sum of money she will inherit (and inadvertently, her father’s death), she meets neighbors and acquaintances in her father’s Marin County neighborhood (in the fictional town of Inisfail, ten miles from San Rafael on a road along the flanks of Mount Tamalpais), including an architect, a building contractor, a chess champion, and a bibliophile. Action is based in Marin and San Francisco, including a brief stint at the St. Francis Hotel and a mention of the Blue Fox restaurant. Written by science-fiction author Jack Vance under the “Ellery Queen” pseudonym.
Setting: San Francisco (Sunset District; St. Francis Hotel); Marin County (“Inisfail”)
Currey p. 500