Clyde Phillips. Sacrifice (2003) 308 pp.
Just after San Francisco’s most respected and best-loved citizen, philanthropist Philip Iverson announces a pledge to the children’s hospital, someone murders him in the parking garage of the Golden Gate Grand Hotel. The city is in shock with this high profile homicide. The pressure is on the police for a swift arrest. Homicide Lieutenant Jane Candiotti and her new husband—and “old” partner—Kenny Marks lead the investigation, the first since they married and she was promoted to being his boss by the SFPD. That same evening, a second murder occurs that fails to get more than a slight yawn from the media and even less from the politicians and the police brass. The victim is just a homeless person. However, soon new murders occur tied to the bum’s homicide by the letter S written in blood at the scene. With Iverson’s wife leading the howls for justice and the media and politicos joining in the screaming, Jane has her hands full struggling to solve the Iverson case as well as the five additional murders, especially when a link between the investigations is found that makes her the target of a killer.