Thomas Perry. Silence (2007) 439 pp.
Although set mostly in the Los Angeles area, private investigator Jack Till finally meets up with his quarry, Wendy Harper, whom he had helped disappear six years earlier at Pier 39 after tracking her through Las Vegas to San Rafael. She went underground after realizing someone was trying to kill her because she could tie him to a murder. Now, her former lover—and best friend—has been charged with her murder, and Jack must find her to convince the D.A. to drop those charges against an innocent man for the murder of a woman who is very much alive. Unfortunately, a pair of hired assassins are also on her trail, so finding her and getting her safely back to L.A. is a very delicate (and thrilling) proposition. While in the Bay Area, at Pier 39, the quarry and all her pursuers come together and the trip south begins, leaving a trail of bodies (one a policeman’s outside the rental car terminal at SFO), wrecked cars, and clever feints.
Setting: San Francisco, Los Angeles