Joanne Pence. Cooking Up Trouble (1995) 308 pp. [pbo]
Angie Amalfi is off for a week to develop the menu for Hill Haven Inn on the Northern California coastline. It seems like the perfect getaway until she finds herself surrounded by the unhappy investors of the inn. The chef/owner Finley Tay has funny ideas on what constitutes good cuisine and Angie has her work cut out for her trying to convince him that healthy food does not have to be unpalatable. Before she gets a chance to work with him he goes off on one of his evening walks, never to return. Not only that, a storm hits and causes a landslide on the only road that leads to the outside world. When Tay’s body shows up on a cliff it is obvious that he was pushed and that they all trapped with a killer. Angie must discover who the murder is and hopefully she can find something to cook with besides soybeans.
Setting: “Hayesville” [fictional location in North Bay]