Howard Pease. Foghorns: A Story of the San Francisco Water Front (1937) 295 pp. Illustrated by Anton Otto Fischer. [juvenile]
Publisher’s description: “It all begins when Greg Richards, a young college boy who has come [to San Francisco] from Sacramento determined to ship out on a freighter, finds that jobs are scarce. He is about to give up when a stranger offers to sell him his discharge and a blue card, which entitles him to the job of ordinary seaman on the freighter S.S. Araby. Greg is determined not to lose his chance and takes a chance and boards the Araby only to find himself plunged into trouble.” Part of the author’s series featuring Captain Jarvis and First Mate Tod Moran, this novel takes place while the Araby is in port and is set against the backdrop of the “ever recurrent labor troubles that in recent years have brought longshoremen, shipping companies and sailors into conflict.”
Setting: San Francisco (Waterfront)