John A. Peak. M and M (2002) 320 pp.
Only a few months old, Charlotte Sanderson is at Gunnison Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, the victim of traumatic brain injury most likely caused by severe shaking or banging. Dr. Vicki Shea, as a pediatrician and former medical malpractice attorney, concludes that someone almost killed the baby, though the mother Julia claims an accident happened. Vicki discounts Julia’s assertion and reports the battering to the authorities. San Francisco Psych Police Officer Tim Murphy handles the abuse case. As the child heals, Julia evidently commits suicide. SFPD closes the book based on a note at the scene, the victim using heroin, her depression over the baby’s health, and her arrest for probable cause. Vicki disagrees with the conclusion. With the help of Murphy, she begins her own inquiries that will lead her into an illegal immigration smuggling ring with a bunch of new kids and more then just threats on her life as the mobsters running the train will kill to keep the business going.