Lynne Murray. Termination Interview (1988) 275 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Everyone who knew Miranda Falk believed that if she was honestly dead, it would be the first honest thing she’d ever done. And indeed, the much-loathed personnel director at a posh San Francisco law firm had plummeted from her office window to an honest-to-goodness death. Murder or suicide? Aspiring photographer Ingrid Hunter had known Miranda in high school. She didn’t like her then and didn’t like her now—especially since Miranda was into some sordid business in which Ingrid was unwittingly involved. Corruption, arson, blackmail and Ingrid’s own dark past are exposed in the wake of Miranda’s death as Ingrid races to bring a killer into focus—before she’s too dead to do the job.”
Setting: San Francisco
MRJ; Hubin