Marcia Muller. Trophies and Dead Things (1990) 266 pp.
Perry Hilderly, a client of All Souls Legal Cooperative, is killed by a sniper who is committing seemingly random murders in San Francisco. PI Sharon McCone is called into the case after a holograph will is discovered among the victim’s affects. Hilderly had been a founder of the Free Speech Movement as a student at UC Berkeley in the sixties and had served with Sharon’s boss, Hank Zahn, in Vietnam. The new will disinherits Hilderly’s children and leaves his entire estate to four strangers. Although it is perfectly legal, Hank is puzzled by his late friend’s action. Sharon’s investigation uncovers both the strange connection between Hilderly and the beneficiaries—a connection that leads back to the turbulent times of the anti-war movement in the Bay Area—and the previously unknown connection between the sniper victims. When Hank becomes a victim, himself, Sharon finds out exactly what she is capable of when it comes to protecting someone she loves.
Setting: San Francisco; Marin County