Marcia Muller. There’s Something in a Sunday (1989) 213 pp.
Sharon McCone’s latest case starts off simple enough: tail Frank Wilkonson—a ranch manager from Hollister (in San Benito County)—through the streets of San Francisco to find out where he is going and who he is meeting and report back to her client, Rudy Goldring, a South of Market tailor. Wilkonson, who has been making weekly trips to San Francisco, takes Sharon on a tour of the city’s horticultural centers—from garden shows in Golden Gate Park to local nurseries to the California Flower Mart. Sharon is convinced that she has not been given the whole story about Wilkonson, and when Goldring is found murdered, Sharon determines to uncover the reason for Wilkonson’s visits. Her investigation takes her to Hollister and then back to San Francisco, from an enclave for the rich and privileged in Haight-Ashbury to a homeless encampment in Golden Gate Park, in a case involving adultery, rape, and murder.
Settings: San Francisco (South of Market; Golden Gate Park; Haight-Ashbury); Hollister