Marcia Muller. The McCone Files (1995) 245 pp.
Publisher’s description: “The volume gathers all of Sharon [McCone’s] short cases into a single volume covering her entire career as staff investigator at All Souls Legal Cooperative in San Francisco. The author writes in the introduction, ‘Over the seventeen years since that slim first novel [Edwin of the Iron Shoes, 1977], very little about McCone except her voice has remained the same, and the stories in this collection trace her development’ ... From the death of a clown in Diablo Valley to the disappearance of a young socialite on the Golden Gate Bridge, from the murder of a teenage gang leader in San Francisco to the drowning of an aged Japanese herb-gatherer, and from streets filled with juvenile runaways to the quietness of a mausoleum, Sharon investigates not only who committed the crimes but also what they say about our world toward the end of the twentieth century.” Fifteen Sharon McCone short stories, with an introduction by the author.
Setting: San Francisco