Marcia Muller. McCone and Friends (2000) 202 pp.
A collection of short stories about San Francisco private investigator Sharon McCone’s cases, told from different viewpoints. Includes three stories that are told by McCone herself, a novella and a short story narrated by the agency’s investigator, Rae Kelleher, a story from the viewpoint of its office manager, Ted Smalley, an investigation conducted by McCone’s nephew, Mick Savage, and one by her long-term lover, Hy Ripinsky. With an introduction by the author. Issued simultaneously in a limited hardcover edition (350 copies signed and numbered by the author) and a trade paper edition. The limited edition is accompanied by a separately printed pamphlet, The Time of the Wolves, by Marcia Muller.
Setting: San Francisco; Russian River region; Sonoma County; San Diego