Walter Mosley. Cinnamon Kiss (2005) 320 pp.
In 1968 Los Angeles, with the Watts riot over but still fresh in everyone’s minds, Easy Rawlins needs money to take his beloved daughter Feather to the specialized Bonatelle Clinic in Switzerland; the cost is $35,000. At the Cox Bar, his pal Mouse suggests they hold up an armored vehicle, but after almost running over a mother with babies, Easy decides that is too dangerous of an approach to gaining the money, especially since he is over the edge and fears everything will go wrong and then his daughter will have nobody. Instead he obtains work from a white friend, private investigator Saul Lynx, who gets him a job in San Francisco with mysterious sleuth Robert E. Lee to locate two missing persons for $10K. Though expecting treachery—as no one outside of entertainment pays a black man with cash—Easy searches for wealthy attorney Axel Bowers and his assistant/lover, Cinnamon Cargill, who have vanished.