Susan Cummins Miller. Fracture (2011) 269 pp.
Author’s website description: “P.I. Philo Dain, just back from Afghanistan, and geologist Frankie MacFarlane are packing for an R&R trip to a cooler clime, when Philo’s aunt is murdered in her empty Tucson mansion. Her husband, developer and power player Derek Dain, is the prime suspect. The day before, Heather had left town with the Dain coin collection, worth millions. Now it’s missing. Though Philo and his uncle have been estranged for years, Philo and Frankie agree to backtrack Heather and attempt to recover the coins. The quest takes them from the sun-baked Tucson Basin to the fog-shrouded San Francisco Peninsula. The fault-scarred hills hold painful secrets from Philo’s past—and clues to a mysterious chess set, worthy of kings, protected for generations by one family, coveted by another. A treasure worth killing for.”
Setting: San Francisco Peninsula; Tucson, Arizona