Joseph D. McNamara. Fatal Command (1987) 266 pp.
Publisher’s description: “Fraleigh has a new job. His old friend Louis Robinson has just been appointed chief of police of Silicon City and he wants Fraleigh as his chief of detectives. It’s a dream job in a rich, high-tech, newly incorporated boomtown. No political machine. No graft. No red tape. No such luck. Within days, Fraleigh’s been caught in the middle of a machine gun shoot-out. He’s found out the mayor snorts coke the way other politicians eat jellybeans. And he thinks he’s falling in love with a woman he met in a male strip joint. Fraleigh is in so deep it’s going to take all his best moves to survive the deadly web of corruption he’s uncovered—including high level industrial espionage, the CIA, the FBI, and too many cops and politicians who have been seduced by money, power, and sex.”