Cliff McGoon. Grannies Investigate the Tunnel of Death (2005) 360 pp.
Publisher’s description: “The Grannies—Diane, Trixie and Cheryl—find themselves neck-deep in mayhem when Trixie’s cousin, Joe, is accused of murdering his gypsy wife, Fatima. She’s found dead in the churning surf below Joe’s five acre estate on beautiful Belvedere Island, just across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. Wealthy and powerful residents are killing mad over Joe’s idea to bore a tunnel through the middle of the island for fire and traffic control. The crisis peaks when a ruthless San Francisco mobster kidnaps Trixie’s granddaughter. Snake bites, mob threats and grandkids moving in unexpectedly don’t deter Diane, Trixie and Cheryl from exposing the killer …”