Joe McCray. Fool Gone Missing (2013) 253 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “Unaware, and therefore not caring, that anyone occupied the universe but himself, Grant ‘Dash’ Jennings was clever enough to succeed in California. But there were others, and they were changing the world in which Jennings thrived. Among these were two victims of Jennings’ schemes: Gerald Mann, a politically astute San Quentin inmate and Roy Lindstrom, Mann’s monkish lawyer. More dangerously, there were also two San Francisco trial lawyers—Daniel Dermot O’Neil and Joe Cleary—who hailed from Butte, Montana, where being tough was a quality that transcended anything Dash Jennings could imagine. Jennings’ evil and ultimately desperate schemes cut a destructive swath from one end of California to the other. The instrument of that destruction was Jennings’ reliable killer, Clem DeFoe. Even DeFoe, with his special skills, was thwarted by the guys from Butte. Arrogantly, Jennings tried to save his crippled gubernatorial campaign by dispatching DeFoe to murder his antagonists. It wasn’t his last mistake but it was the most foolish. Oh, and there was someone else—a brown-skinned teacher and union leader running against Jennings for governor. The ancestors of Bamba Priata in California went back in time longer than the forebears of Jennings or most any Anglo. It was a time of change in a place that nurtured change. Ultimately, Dash Jennings’ rottenness failed him and he had to run. But he was caught and—fool that he was—rejoined DeFoe.”
Setting: San Francisco