Nancy Barr Mavity. The Case of the Missing Sandals (1930) 316 pp.
For the love of Mike! When the beautiful, charismatic, and mysterious Luna, leader of a witchcraft cult in the East Bay hills, is murdered, Herald reporter Peter Piper (who had interviewed Luna the day before her death) is drawn into the mystery of her death. With the help of Jackson—an old, blind, black man who is the gatekeeper of Luna Colony and can identify people by the sound of their footsteps—Peter uncovers more motives and suspects than he knows what to do with. The evidence is no help either: a smudged fingerprint, a batch of love letters, a rifle too old and worn to leave any identifying marks on the bullet, and a barefoot corpse. It’s not until he does some independent research into the occult that the significance of the missing shoes—and the true motive—becomes clear.