Richard A. Lupoff. The Comic Book Killer (1988) 270, [30] pp.
Publisher’s description: “The insurance claim sounded perfectly ordinary a petty burglary a satchel full of old comics taken from a store on Berkeley’s busy Telegraph Avenue. Then the prices were spelled out: Action Comics #1, $28, 650; Marvel Mystery Comics #1, $27,000; Detective Comics #27, $20,000. And so it went, all the way down to poor, humble Gangsters at War for June 1953, valued at just $3.50. Thirty-five comic books altogether, with a total value of a cool quarter million! That’s what brought pudgy, unassuming insurance adjuster Hobart Lindsey into his first big case—a case that led to a series of murders, a tragedy that took place half a world away and thirty-three years before, and a final confrontation with death one foggy midnight in the middle of San Francisco Bay. An unlikely detective tackling an unlikely crime, Lindsey finds himself facing a game-legged professor with a shadowy past, a beautiful radio broadcaster who runs a radical feminist talk-show, a hard-bitten Irish cop who dotes on arroz con pollo, and a tough homicide investigator who happens to be female, black, and very, very sexy.”
Setting: Berkeley