Flora Haines Loughead. The Man Who Was Guilty (1886) 398 pp.
The story of Philip King, a young San Francisco man who was on his way up in society when he decided to speculate in the stock market with $10,000 he “borrowed” from his employer, the Bank of Yerba Buena. Determined to face his punishment, he pleads guilty and is sentenced to ten years in San Quentin. Upon his release he returns to San Francisco ready to lead a quiet life, earn an honest living, and make restitution to the bank for the money he stole. However, he must first overcome the suspicion and prejudice of a society that does not believe that a man such as he can be redeemed. An interesting portrait of 19th century San Francisco; also somewhat of a polemic against prison conditions, especially when the inmates are children.
Baird & Greenwood 1569; Hubin