Shelby Lewis. Sacred Love (2001) 249 pp. [pbo]
Publisher’s description: “When Great-Uncle Fred invites Bailey Walker and her husband, Sam, to his beautiful estate overlooking San Francisco Bay, Bailey can’t wait to see the sweet old man again. But the visit becomes a nightmare when the aging tycoon is found murdered in his clawfooted bathtub, and Bailey is singled out as the prime suspect. Surrounded by a dark cloud of suspicion, her only hope is the man she married...for better or worse. Sam Walker is no stranger to crime. He and Bailey have investigated any number of baffling cases. Yet never have the two amateur sleuths had so much at stake—or so much to lose. As Sam coolly sets out to separate the innocent from the guilty, he unearths a twisted history of family loyalty and greed, dirty deeds and shocking secrets. And as danger closes in, he and Bailey must join forces to solve a homicide that will stretch the limits of their devotion.”
Setting: San Francisco