Ella Leffland. Mrs. Munck (1970) 336 pp.
Rose Davies arrived in San Francisco twenty-five years ago as a young, naïve girl. She soon began a relationship with her boss, Patrick Leary, that started off innocently enough, quickly turned into a life-changing experience, and ultimately resulted in tragedy. Now, recently widowed and living in a small house in Port Carquinez (patterned after Port Costa), on the Carquinez Straits north of San Francisco, she offers to take Mr. Leary, who is now her uncle by marriage, into her home and provide care for him (he had been crippled and living in a nursing home). Her motive for this seeming act of charity is soon revealed to be revenge—she plans to murder him. As this novel of psychological suspense unfolds, her plans evolve, get thwarted, and take a shocking turn at the end.
Baird & Greenwood 1484
1001 Midnights, p. 469-470