Rick Lawton. Chasing Lazarus (2010) 276 pp. [tpo]
Publisher’s description: “Chasing Lazarus is a literary mystery which takes place against a San Francisco background of blazing sun, pea-soup fogs, tony restaurants, the Haight Street Disneyland, and dark, sinister SoMa nightclubs. Harry Mach, a rapacious financial adviser, Judy Ferris, an upright travel writer/journalist, and Marant Olivier, a deadly assassin are all chasing Wiley Brooks. Wiley, a flame-haired CIA interrogator and drug dealer ripped off backers in a drug scheme, left a note about ‘business reversals,’ and jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Harry, Judy, and Marant know Wiley faked his suicide, but they have far different reasons for finding him.”
Setting: San Francisco